About Us

About Us

Give it Direct is a website which connects donors directly to people in need.

We do not facilitate cash or money donations. Instead our members purchase Gifts for people in need by first reading about these people in need on our website and then selecting item(s) such as Clothes, Shoes or Books etc from the Amazon Wish Lists that people in need connect to their Give it Direct profile.

All Gifts are delivered by Amazon directly to the person in need, at whatever address they choose, such as a House, Charity Office, Church or School, etc., so neither the donor nor Give it Direct ever handles the Gifts.

Membership of this site is free to both Givers (i.e. donors) and Receivers (i.e. people in need).

We don't charge any commission or admin. fee on the Gift items that donors purchase for people in need, so every penny the donor spends goes to the intended recipient.

Please note: Give it Direct is not a charity. We neither solicit not accept donations from anyone, either in the form of cash or in the form of gifts. All gifts go directly to our beneficiaries without Give it Direct having any involvement in either the handling or the delivery of the gifts. We are simply a 'facilitator'.

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