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(What are Givers?)

Givers are people who can afford to purchase Gifts for people less fortunate than them. Givers can purchase Gifts for as little at $1 from a Receiver’s Amazon Wish List and the Gift will be sent directly to the Receiver. It takes 30 seconds to register as a Giver and we don’t publish your name anywhere.


(What are Receivers?)

Receivers are people whose lives would be improved by Givers purchasing a Gift for them from the list of items they have saved in their Amazon Wish List. Receivers tell their stories and upload photos in their blogs on this website.


Receivers of the Day

A Receiver is a ‘person in need’ of certain items, such as Clothes, Shoes, Books or Household Appliances, etc. Receivers join Give it Direct to receive these Gifts from Givers. Receivers must complete the short Registration Form in order to join as a member. A Receiver must also set up an Amazon Wish List on the Amazon website. This will be linked to your Give it Direct account and will enable Givers to purchase Gifts for you from your Amazon Wish List.

"The nicest thing about Give It Direct for the recipients is the look on people's faces when something from their Amazon Wish List is delivered to the service for them, together with a short note from the Giver. It really means a lot to a person who has very little and it's such a simple way to give a homeless person something they need."

Jossy Akwuobi, Front-Line Manager, Peter McVerry Trust

"Give It Direct is a simple way to help less fortunate in our society. Using this platform, donors can purchase and send items to the person in need directly."

Rita Lucnikovaite, Fundraising Manager, The Salvation Army

Benefits of Give it Direct

You can select and send a Gift from a person in need’s Amazon Wish List directly to them, regardless of where in the world they live.

You can read about the person in need in their Blog on this site and speak to them over Skype before you send them a gift.

You can stay in contact and build a friendship with the people to whom you send a gift, if you wish.